(Typed) Letter from A.J. Sylvestor (Lloyd George’s Secretary) to the Ambassador of the USSR on April 8th 1933, rebikung Gareth's actions. 


As from Thames House,

Millbank SW1

April 8th 1933

Your Excellency,


I immediately reported to Mr. Lloyd George the subject-matter of our conversation today regarding Mr. Gareth Jones. I am desired by Mr. Lloyd George to say at once that he is extremely annoyed to hear of the action of Mr. Gareth Jones, for during the time he was in his employ, Mr. Lloyd George deliberately refused, not once, but on a number of occasions to allow him to go to Russia. Mr. Gareth Jones was not authorised to represent to you, as you stated he did on or about January 24 last, that he was visiting Russia for and on behalf of Mr Lloyd George.

He was absolutely on his own responsibility and entirely at his own expense. Mr Lloyd George is communicating at once with Mr Gareth Jones demanding an explanation of his behaviour, and I am to assure you that after receiving his reply, Mr Lloyd George will take the opportunity of making it quite clear that he had nothing whatever to do with this visit to Russia.


Yours Sincerely


S.J.Sylvester [SIC]