Transcript of Gareth’s letter to his parents, 3 February 1930.


Considering the Depression of 1929, Gareth’s parents were anxious about the security of the position, suggesting it would be better to become a teacher or university lecturer.


Gareth replied to their letter on 3 February 1930 – showing his adventuress spirit:


I should consider myself a flabby little coward if I ever gave up the chance of a good and interesting career for the mere thought of safety… I have come to the conclusion that the only life I can live with interest, and which I can really be of use is one connected with foreign affairs and with men and women of today; not with the writers of two centuries ago.


Tell me why you have no confidence in my future?  Why do you want a son of yours to have no courage and just stick in the mud, for the feeling of security?


Security?  Wasn’t I offered a post in the Consular service?  Then immediately after wasn’t I made a supervisor in Trinity College, Cambridge?  Then a couple of weeks later I was offered a post of great responsibility at £500 per year.  How many people in Cambridge got £500 a year straight after leaving?  You may not think much of my job, but in the view of people in Cambridge and in the R.I.I.A. it is most important.  It brings me in touch with people of international repute.


Original letter shown below: