Experiences of Russia - 1931 - A Diary


In August 1931, Gareth escorted a young Jack Heinz II. heir to the American food manufacturing corporation to the USSR. Afterwards, Heinz produced a privately published & anonymously written book, based on Gareth's dairy notes. It was one of the first books to mention the word 'starve' or 'starving' & on half a dozen occasions, relating to the famine conditions due to Collectivisation . The only name attributed with the book was Gareth's, who wrote the foreword:


... With a knowledge of Russia and the Russian language, it was possible to get off the beaten path, to talk with grimy workers and rough peasants, as well as such leaders as Lenin’s widow and Karl Radek. We visited vast engineering projects and factories, slept on the bug-infested floors of peasants’ huts, shared black bread and cabbage soup with the villagers—in short, got into direct touch with the Russian people in their struggle for existence and were thus able to test their reactions to the Soviet Government’s dramatic moves.

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