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Nigel Colley's - Experiences of Canada - 2006 - A Diary!

(Or a Presentational Tour of :"Gareth Jones - A Man Who Knew Too Much"


CLICK HERE for my complete online PowerPoint Presentation, in comparison to those delivered in Canada, which were abridged to fit

or here to download the whole 6Mb PPT file for private use.



In late 2003 / early 2004, an early 'Friend of Gareth Jones' was Professor Federigo Argentieri of  the John Cabot University, Rome, who in the course of his Italian translation of Robert Conquest's Harvest of Sorrow,  first became aware of the 'airbrushed' history of Gareth Jones, through an introduction from our mutually eminent contact, the late James Mace.


After the sad death of  Jim Mace, Prof Argentieri felt it fitting to organise a memorial panel in his name at the IAUS Congress in Donetsk, 2005; His kind invitation allowed my mother Siriol and I, not only to present papers on Gareth, but also to visit the city which Gareth before us in 1930 had paid pilgrimage to his mother's time there between 1889 to 1892, when she was governess to John Hughes' family, who were the founders of the Donetsk.


In early 2006, Professor Argentieri in his quest to get Gareth's name known amongst the academic community managed to twist the arm of Assya Humesky (the organiser of the 25th Annual Conference on Ukrainian Subjects at Urbana, University of Illinois) to extend an invitation for me to present a paper.


Her blind faith in my abilities must surely have been tested to their limits, as unbeknown to her during the week's conference, I was not merely almost completely absent without leave (or even watching the Soccer World Cup), but for much of the time I was actually, frantically




After an Air Canada flight from hell (well - geographically from Heathrow to be precise), where one one of my fellow passengers, two rows behind me, was for most of the flight  violently insistent on the distinct possibility of dis-embarking at, I arrived at Toronto

Kieren MacMillan




Canadian Arts Foundation,

26-27 November 2006

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From left to right:
Daria Darewych, Jurij Darewych, Margareta Shpir, Ambassador I. Ostash, Nigel Colley, Lisa Shymko.
New Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Igor Ostash presented with a  copy of Siriol Colley's book; "Gareth Jones -More than a Grain of Truth".
Toronto sculptor Oleh Lesiuk kindly presenting Nigel Colley with a replica of his tri-lingual plaque of Gareth unveiled in Aberystwyth in May 2006  


With many sincere thanks to Lisa Shymko for her efficient organisation of my many media commitments during my stay in Toronto including a prestigious interview on  national CBC Radio, As it Happens - CLICK HERE for a 'Real Audio' link from our friends at



St Paul University

28-29 November


Canadian Liberal M.P.  Borys Wrzesnewskyj  receives Nigel Colley & Oksana Piasecky, the Ottawa branch's President of the Canadian Friends of Ukraine Nigel Colley & Oksana Piasecky's tour of the Canadian Senate
 Irena Bell who who interviewed Niigel Colley for Ottawa CHIN Radio Ukrainian programme.
Nigel' Colley's PowerPoint Presentation at St. Paul's University Gareth's courage is rightfully rewarded by a spontaneous 4-minute ovation...
Question time Nigel Colley & Dr. Igor Ostash - Holodomor speakers on the evening after the Ukraine Parliament voted to recognise it as a famine-genocide.

For media coverage by Maiden entitled: Людина, що забагато знала CLICK HERE


St. Sophia’s Church Hall,

30th November - 1st December


Signing the 'Book of Honour' on Gareth's behalf at the Montreal City Hall, with Mayor Gérald Tremblay, his brother as aide and two famine survivors.  Formal Photo of the Montréal Book of Honour ceremony.
Montreal City Hall With Special thanks to Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova of the UCC for her initial invite and subsequent work in making my trip so succesful.


Montreal Radio Interview with Nigel Colley on CLICK HERE for MP3 link - or CLICK HERE for the station's main website and see 9th December listings. The interview starts 9 minutes into the interview.  



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