Premiere of Sergey Bukovsky's New Holodomor Documentary  'The Living' (Zhyvi) in  the presence of Pres. & Mrs. Viktor Yushchenko

Friday 21st, November 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine.


  1. Click Here for a link to the film's main website (in Ukrainian) - with 4 -minute trailer of the documentary (with English subtitles) on the home page. For a slideshow of images taken during the filming of The Living, Click Here
  2. Alternatively. the video trailer can be played on this following Harvard Uni page Click Here.]
  3. Click Here for a Ukraine 3000 press report of the premiere, movie synopsis and comments by the production team (at the earlier press conference).
  4. Click Here for a review by Gareth's niece, Siriol Colley, of the film, which she saw in Columbia University, one week later on the 2 Dec 2008.

Thumbnail photos below are from the premiere in Kyiv - click on any of them for more detail

Sergiy Bukovsky (director), Mark Edwards (producer), Yevheniya Kravchuk (line producer), Nigel Colley, Volodymyr Kukorenchuk (director of photography) & Sergiy Trymbach (head of scriptwriters group).



Sergiy Bukovsky introducing his film

President Viktor Yushchenko giving opening remarks about the Holodomor



Yurij Luhovy (a producer of Harvest of Despair), Nigel Colley & Dr. Nataliya Shulga.

Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova (with Nigel & Dr. Nataliya Shulga).



Dr Volodymyr Serhijchuk, Historian from the Taras Shevchenko University

Eugene Czolij, President of the Ukrainian World Congress



Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Canadian Friends of both Ukraine & Gareth Jones



 Slideshow Photos from  Documentary Filming during 2008, Relating to Gareth

On Location in Wales, July

Narration of Gareth's Dairies in Kyiv, June